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“Someone must have moved them, the last time I saw them they were right here.” All too often, situations arise like this; something that is integral to the daily function of your day is misplaced. This especially can take its toll on an embroiderer. We are in a field that requires certain tools that are used every day. The organization of your workstations and overall workplace has a direct effect on your efficiency and production.

An auto mechanic has a tool box to organize his tools. An embroiderer must take the same concepts to a machine station. You are dealing with a set of tools, that easily misplaced, will cost you money. Time is of the essence with your embroidery system; if the machine is not running, it’s not making you money. Time wasted trying to find scissors, tweezers, needles or bobbins; will be time your machine is not stitching. Here are 8 tips to help you organize your embroidery business like a true professional.

1 – Get a tool box
Just like the mechanic, have an organization for all your tools. Keep things organized and you will always know where they are. It’s a simple concept, but I bet many tweezers have ended up behind machines, in the trash, or that same place missing socks go.

2 – Each Station has its own set
If you have a 3 head modular system, you should have three scissors, three tweezers, etc. Don’t forget tip 1; having a small, inexpensive tool organizer for each machine station will make life easier.

3 – Labels and more labels
Don’t expect to remember that the wedge needles are in the third drawer on the left, under the case of black bobbins. Label drawers and even label your shelves. Its good to be reminded where things go; when we get busy we can forget and end up with clean up as a whole additional job.

4 – Color coded tools
This is essentially a combination of tip 1 and 2. Use some nail polish or a small drop of paint to label each machine and what tools go with it; continues on the path of keeping things in their place.

5 – More Trash Cans
Organize my trash? YES! I don’t mean sort it, but have trash cans near each station and other places where you create trash. You generally will not fix a thread break in the same place you cut backing. Have a trash can within a comfortable working distance of your workstations and you will always put the garbage where it belongs.

6 – Own more thread
Don’t I already have enough thread? If you own 4 machines; you should have 4 cones of each of your most popular colors. If you are expecting a very large order that uses a particular blue, invest in enough spools so you can utilize all your machines for this job. No point in owning 4 machines and only having 2 running when you have a large order. Supplies come very fast by mail.

7 – Hoops Hoops Hoops
Organize your hoops, label your hoops, clip together 2 halves of a hoop, color code your hoops, own lots of hoops. A hoop is another tool for embroidery; they will turn out to be the most rewarding investments you purchase for your machines. Own all of them and you will never turn down a job.

8 – Spread the Joy
Take your new found appreciation and spread it to your entire business; designs, paperwork, thread, customer list, and even your ideas.

A small amount of time and effort will truly make your life easier. Organization is always considered to be a key to success. There is a famous quote that says, “don’t put it down, put it away.” Once you organize, keep it that way, then you can get to the actual fun stuff. Embroidery!

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