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THINKING OUTSIDE THE STITCHESLeft chest logos and Caps; that’s what typically embroidered as you peruse the shopping mall, flea market, or local embroidery shop. Often times, professional embroiderers find themselves sharing a small piece of a very large pie. However, this is just a taste of what embroidery has to offer.

Why do we see or visualize left chest logos and caps when we think of embroidery? There are a few reasons for this:

  • Everyone already does it.
    When you are starting a new business, it’s harder to learn something new without proper training. However, if you are embroidering left chest logos, you can jump on an internet forum and find your answer; it’s a short road.
  • Most machines do it.
    Even some non-commercial grade machines can do a shirt logo, or some limited cap embroidery. You don’t need to own 2 or 3 different machines to expand.
  • Minimizes the need for out-of-box thinking.
    No need for explanation. Just find a local business or local school and get their logo from them.

Sounds easy, right? Don’t you want more than that though? Wouldn’t you rather have repeat business that is unique to your shop and your business? A niche market, something that your competition doesn’t offer!

Yes, I know you would love to do something different but maybe you cannot afford a whole separate machine for one niche product, or you would love to try something different but you don’t have anyone to teach you.

These are all part of the reasons why Pantograms has developed unique hooping systems and training for the extremely versatile Pantograms GS-1501 Embroidery Machine. Now you no longer have to be limited to run-of-the-mill embroidery. You can expand, grow, change, think outside of your world and grow your business to new and profitable ventures!

The Pantograms PatchMaster SystemOne great system Pantograms has for the GS-1501 and the Expert ESP9100 is the Patchmaster system. This embroidery hooping system and software package allows you to truly run production of patches. This system gives you the ability to embroider up to 16 different patches at once; 16 different names or logos. If you think about it as $10 a patch, you can embroider a $160 sale in 1 hooping. The Patchmaster system comes in 5 different variations and can expand your embroidery business to new levels.

Another extremely profitable sector is the automotive accessory industry. People who love cars, love their cars. They spend thousands of dollars on personalizing everything from the seats to the floors. Well, embroider it for them! Pantograms offers the Carpetmaster for embroidering on carpet mats or small rugs. A set of customized floor mats will cost an enthusiast over $100. Putting pennies worth of thread into a blank floor mat can increase its value over 5 times.

Don’t stop there! Embroider the seat covers too. You can use our optional border frames to embroider a design up to 20.5” X 14.5.” You can cover nearly the entire center of a seat cover with a beautiful mix of stitches than can produce an amazing profit center for your business. Wouldn’t you love to sew and sell 100,000 stitches in one hooping?

These are just a few examples of the versatility Pantograms offers with its GS-1501 and Expert ESP9100 Embroidery Machines. Other items include: a Sequin device, Cording device, Boring Device, Cylinder arm(shirt sleeves, golf club covers, pant legs, socks), 7-in-1 Hoopless Hooping system (shirt pockets, collars, cuffs, toilette paper), Military name tape, dog collars, Karate Belts. This is all on one embroidery machine your business can own.

If there is a way to hoop it, you can embroidery it. If you cannot hoop it, call Pantograms and we have a hoop for it. Don’t know how to embroidery it, Pantograms will train you.

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