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THE RIGHT THREAD FOR THE JOBThread is available in different fibers. The most common in machine embroidery are rayon and polyester. One may also on occasion, use cotton, monofilament nylon, and metallic threads. For many years, rayon was the most popular thread due to its rich color and high sheen. It however, has relatively low strength. Polyester is very strong and bleach resistant but, until recently, it was not available in the vibrant colors and sheen that rayon is known for. Today the differences in appearance between rayon and poly are minimal.

Cotton is often required for military application such as nametapes. Monofilament nylon is utilized in institutional applications such as uniform emblems where patches may be applied, removed, and reapplied repeatedly. Metallics are often used to add interest and sparkle to a design. Another unique choice is solaractive thread. When exposed to UV light in normal sunshine the thread changes color. Indoors, the thread appears white but when taken outside the garment comes alive with color.

All Pantograms machines come threaded with premium Amann Isacord polyester thread.

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